Women Making Waves: Spotlight on Christi Pratte, Copywriter and Owner of Ghost Girl Writing

Women Making Waves: Spotlight on Christi Pratte, Copywriter and Owner of Ghost Girl Writing

Welcome back to our Women Making Waves series! We're here to spotlight another extraordinary woman who is making her mark in the entrepreneurial world. Today, we're shining the light on Christi Pratte, a passionate copywriter, magazine contributor, and Owner of Ghost Girl Writing.

Christi's journey into entrepreneurship was not so much a conscious decision, but rather a destiny she was born into. As a little girl, she loved writing and creating her own "books". This passion for writing followed her into adulthood, becoming the cornerstone of her professional life.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Christi had an interesting career path - she was a kindergarten teacher, waitress, coffee house manager, women’s kickboxing instructor, and tutor all at once. Reflecting on her past, she realized one consistent theme - a passion for women in business and entrepreneurship. Whether it was initiating a kindergarten program at a local private school or working for a women-owned gym, Christi found herself invariably drawn to spaces where women were leading and creating.

Ghost Girl Writing was born out of this passion. It's a platform that offers a range of services including blog/article writing, marketing emails, social media captions, sales pages, website copy, bios, podcast show notes, media kits, and copy consult calls.

One of the most valuable lessons Christi has learned throughout her career is to stay focused on the vision, rather than the outcome. She believes that being too attached to specific outcomes can limit opportunities. Instead, staying open and adaptable has been key to her success.

A memorable moment for Christi was when she was invited to a client's baby shower. This gesture, although small, meant more to her than any accolade. It was a testament to the genuine, authentic connections she had built with her clients - something she values deeply in her line of work.

For those aspiring to tread the entrepreneurial path, Christi's advice is to just start. Take action, even if it's messy. Fall down, break things, but keep going. She emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive networks in your niche, as they can be invaluable sources of encouragement and assistance.

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Christi and her entrepreneurial journey with Ghost Girl Writing. Stay tuned for our next feature in the Women Making Waves series, where we'll continue to celebrate inspiring women and their achievements.

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