Career Crush: Romancing the Aisle with Retta Schick, The Ceremony Maven

Career Crush: Romancing the Aisle with Retta Schick, The Ceremony Maven

Welcome back to the fourth edition of #CareerCrush. In this series, we celebrate women who have turned their love for romance into inspiring careers. Together, let's explore the unique professional journeys of various women in love-inspired professions. Who knows? You might just stumble upon a career that makes your heart skip a beat!

Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Retta Schick, a wedding officiant and owner of 'The Ceremony Maven.' Retta is all about creating captivating, personalized wedding ceremonies that leave everyone—bride, groom, and guests alike—raving.

"Looking for a fun and captivating wedding ceremony? Want to be thrilled by your ceremony and have your guests raving about it? Think your wedding should actually be about…the two of you? That’s what I do. Custom, personal, guaranteed," says Retta.

Retta's journey began after leaving behind a 25-year career in television broadcasting and stadium live event entertainment. She found her true calling in being a wedding officiant, where her writing, performance, organizational, and people skills shone through. "Instead of creating tv or arena shows, I am producing the best ceremony ever! What an honor it is to spend my days with happy and in love couples!" Retta shares.

She loves getting to know her couples and their love stories. On their wedding day, they are not strangers standing before her. They know exactly what to expect, and she's just as excited as they are when the processional music kicks in!

Retta also enjoys being part of the team at the venues, ensuring everything goes flawlessly. From coordinating with DJs and musicians to working with planners and admiring stunning floral arrangements, Retta is fully involved in the behind-the-scenes magic.

Beyond officiating, she's often found calming nerves, checking the groom's mom’s teeth for lipstick, or making sure the wedding rings are with the right person. "No matter what happens, we are gonna roll with it because no matter what, we are getting these two married today!" says Retta.

Retta is a licensed Metaphysical Minister with C.I.M.M., a proud member of the International Association of Wedding Professionals (IAPWO), and a graduate of the Unboring Wedding Academy.

So, if you're looking for a career that blends love, romance, and the joy of bringing people together, take a leaf out of Retta Schick's book. She's not just a wedding officiant; she's a creator of unforgettable moments.

To learn more about Retta and her amazing work, visit

Join us next time on #CareerCrush as we continue to explore unique careers inspired by romance.

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