Level Up Your Written Communication!

Level Up Your Written Communication!

Written Communication is essential in every job - here is how to improve your skill.

Writing is an essential part of most jobs. Writing is something we all have to do, at least in some capacity, every day - I know, I know, it’s not too fun for some but I will share a few Apps to help you improve your writing, and it won’t be hard work! Making challenges fun is what stops them from feeling like work. I have shared some of the coolest apps you can start using “write” away! Use them for your work assignments or practice with them at home on your leisurely writing - whatever you choose to do, just be sure to use them daily!

750 Words:
What better way to learn to write than to keep writing every day? 750 Words is an app that rewards you for writing! This app is to assist you in learning a new habit — writing. Through this entertaining app, you can see how many words you write and how much time you spend writing. Among the cool features of this app is the "statistics that analyze your feelings, themes, and mindset" section.

Now, this is an amazing tool for writing! Wordtune can rephrase and rewrite your sentences! With the free version you have a synonym tool, and it can translate different language text into English. When you are having trouble coming up with a new way to phrase something in your writing, this can be a game-changer. You may begin to see the same old sentences in your writing, but this useful app helps bring some new life to old ones.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary:
OneLook is a powerhouse of resources all in one. This tool gives you definitions, usage examples, related words, separates words by nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. OneLook can even answer basic questions such as, “what is the capital of Canada?” This tool can save you loads of time! 

Hemingway App:
There are some cool things this app does, and I'll tell you why. Hemingway corrects sentence structure and syntax. It highlights sentences in different colours, for example:

  • Yellow highlighted sentences show lengthy, complex sentences.
  • Red highlight shows dense and complicated sentences.
  • Purple highlights words that can be changed to a simpler choice.
  • Blue shows weakening phrases.
  • Green shows passive voice.

By practicing these simple ideas, you will begin to develop a new writing habit. Whether you're a professional writer or an amateur, these Apps can keep your writing fresh and exciting! Don’t take my word for it...give it a try!

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