Getting Started with Your First Post

Getting Started with Your First Post

I understand that you're eager to make big, bold career shifts this year. So, I'm setting a challenge for you to tackle something you've been avoiding, yet it's crucial for those big moves... It's time to start posting content on LinkedIn.

Did you know that while over a billion people are using LinkedIn, less than 1% are actively creating their own content? That's right! Less than 1%! This is your opportunity to shine and differentiate yourself from the masses.

Sure, I get it... Stepping into the limelight can be daunting. It's like stepping onto a stage with all eyes on you. But trust me, it's an investment that reaps rewards. Not just in financial terms but in the form of connections, opportunities, and personal development. Consider this: Wouldn't it be fantastic if job interview invitations landed in your inbox without you even having to apply? Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it's entirely achievable! Just take the first step!

Your Challenge

Your task is to craft an introductory post on LinkedIn. If you're unsure how to go about it, don't worry! Here's a video that will guide you.

Squashing Imposter Syndrome

Putting yourself out there on LinkedIn can bring up some feelings of imposter syndrome; let's squash that.

Grab yourself a cuppa something yummy and journal the following: Start by writing down professional accomplishments that brought you joy - no matter how big or small.

Take some time to really sit with these achievements. Think about the hard work you put in, the feelings of joy when you succeeded, and the valuable lessons you picked up along the way.

Doing this isn't just a walk down memory lane, it's a powerful tool to remind yourself of all you've accomplished and what you're capable of achieving.

So, are you prepared to leap forward and make a mark on LinkedIn? I'm excited to see where this path leads you!

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