Do I need to tailor my resume for each job?

Do I need to tailor my resume for each job?

That would be a YES!

When it comes applying to jobs, it’s about quality over quantity! As tempting as it is to send off a generic resume to save time, this is a surefire way to get your application to the “no” pile. But there is a solution to creating customized resumes efficiently. It’s called the master resume technique.

A master resume captures all of your experiences, skills, and qualifications all in one document. It will likely be a few pages long depending on where you are in your career. The idea is to get most of the work done upfront. Then when it’s time to tailor your resume, you can make a copy of your master document and remove any irrelevant points, pairing it down to 1 or 2 pages. Once you have cut it down to the most relevant skills and qualifications, you can edit your statements to include keywords from the posting. 

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