Career Crush: The Art of Love with Courtney Spence

Career Crush: The Art of Love with Courtney Spence


Welcome back to the third edition of #CareerCrush, a series that celebrates women who have turned their passion for romance into rewarding careers. Today, we're turning the spotlight onto Courtney Spence, the creative mind behind 'Art Hustle,' a company that beautifully intertwines art, connection, and love.

Courtney's journey with 'Art Hustle' is a testament to the power of creativity. "We facilitate creative events and workshops. The focus is on getting people together face to face and encouraging interaction and connection through the arts and creative activities," she says. Her events are not just fun and interactive; they are a catalyst for creating bonds in a relaxed, low-pressure environment.

Seeing people let their guard down and immerse themselves in a creative endeavor brings Courtney immense satisfaction. She shares, "I absolutely love seeing people letting their hair down and getting into a creative and playful state. My personal sense of satisfaction comes from introducing people to each other and encouraging them to create together." Her Paint Nights, filled with vibrant energy and creativity, are a perfect example of this.

Interestingly, when Courtney first ventured into event planning, she didn't set out to create events for singles. It was her love for sparking creativity that led the way. However, as she hosted more events, she noticed a beautiful pattern emerging. "The more events I facilitated, the more I realized that people were connecting naturally through the creative process," she explains. This realization led to the conception of 'Art Hustle' - a platform where creativity could serve as a bridge for romantic connections.

Her advice for those interested in this line of work? "Find ways to connect people through organic means like playful and creative activities and focus more on that and allow the connections to blossom naturally."

Courtney Spence has truly harnessed the power of art to foster connections and ignite romance, creating a career that's easy to fall in love with! Follow Courtney on IG @booksartmagic

Be sure to join us for our next #CareerCrush edition as we continue to unveil careers that blend passion and profession. Until next time, keep exploring, keep dreaming, and who knows—you might just discover a career you'll fall head over heels for!

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P.S. – Courtney has an upcoming event in Toronto – check it out!

 “Paint Night - Love & Naughty Edition”

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s Day, we are hosting a Valentine’s Day-themed Paint Night this coming Wednesday, February 14th, at the Super Wonder Gallery on Bloor West (close to Dufferin Station). It’s a perfect way to do something fun and creative as a couple or with friends while mingling and surrounded by amazing art. 

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore your creative self-expression while having fun. Our experienced creative facilitators will walk you through each step of creating the featured painting in your own unique way. Everyone goes home with a finished piece of artwork. All supplies are included. Price $45

Registration Link for the Valentine’s Paint Night: Love & Naughty Edition

Facebook Event Page for Valentine’s Paint Night


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