Career Crush: Get to Know Melissa Barban of Pure Lush Designs and Co

Career Crush: Get to Know Melissa Barban of Pure Lush Designs and Co

I'm super excited to kick off our "Career Crush" series. This is where we spotlight some seriously amazing women who've turned their love for romance into fantastic careers. First up, let's meet Melissa Barban, the creative force behind Pure Lush Designs and Co.

Melissa truly does it all. As an event designer and certified florist, she spends her days making spaces beautiful with fabrics, flowers, and furniture. Her mission? To create dreamy atmospheres for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and corporate events. And when she's not designing events, she's putting together fresh flower bouquets and arrangements. Imagine this: over 1000 roses getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Melissa's journey to where she is now is quite the story. She initially wanted to be a flight attendant but decided to go into the hospitality industry instead. Over 23 years, she worked her way up until she became a General Manager.

But a toxic work environment led Melissa towards her current profession. While planning her own wedding, Melissa saw a need in the market for professional, high-quality, and affordable event design services. This was the spark that started Pure Lush Designs and Co.

In the beginning, Melissa just wanted her business to cover two yearly vacations. But after a particularly rough time at her old job, her husband suggested she quit. She took his advice — and 13 years later, she has a 4000 square feet studio and a team of nine dedicated professionals.

So, what does she love about her job? Melissa loves making things with her hands and hearing clients compliment their decor. She also adores the relationships she forms with her clients, often staying in touch as they move through different stages of life.

While Melissa's job might seem glamorous, it's not without its challenges. It requires a lot of hard work and preparation, including late nights and physically demanding tasks. Sometimes, she even has to go back to the event hall at 2 a.m. to clean up.

Want to follow along on Melissa's journey and see her stunning creations? Check her out on Instagram at Pure Lush Designs and Co and Lush Flower Boutique.

And that's a wrap for our first "Career Crush" feature! Keep an eye out for more inspiring stories as we continue to explore the unique professional paths of women in romance-inspired professions.

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